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A brief history of S2OPC

History May 2021

S2OPC – the Safe & Secure OPC UA stack is now real-time capable, for field device integrations, and is deployed across industrial, railway or space area. We take a look at the brief history of the journey so far.

2021, February – S2OPC session at Embedded World: OPC UA over TSN demonstrator.

2020, September – S2OPC session at Cybersecurity for Industrial systems, technical day, along with Seclab.

2020, Jul – S2OPC server application certified by OPC Foundation as compliant to OPC UA 1.03 standard.

2020, Feb – S2OPC market ready demo for embedded targets, as the EAL4+ security level OPC UA solution compliant with safety standards. Demo included cyber security demonstration (with CEA) and secure publisher subscriber communication.

2020, Jan – S2OPC model presented at International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), in collaboration with CEA.

2020, Jan – S2OPC, start of companion specification support, through GIMELEC & OPC Foundation launched OPC France working group.

2019, Nov – S2OPC, a presentation on secure OPC UA implementation, at Open Source Summit (POSS).

2019, October – S2OPC demo at Open Source Summit (OSSEU), by Linux foundation.

2019, September – S2OPC demo at Cybersecurity for Industrial systems, technical day.

2019, May – S2OPC now with Python API front-end on Windows and Linux machines.

2019, Apr – S2OPC demo at SIDO, the IoT, AI, robotics conference, as part of OPC Foundation participants.

2019, Mar – S2OPC demo at Smart Industries, connected industry exhibition, as part of OPC Foundation participants.

2018, Oct – S2OPC toolkit verified interoperability at OPC workshop, for Raspberry Pi & Railway supervisory gateway.

2018, Jun – S2OPC, the Safe & Secure OPC UA stack, released under Apache2.0 license, in Open-source.

2016 – Commencement of INGOPCS project: to create a Safe & Secure OPC UA implementation

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