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OPC UA training – Fundamentals

The training program proposed by Systerel exposes the main keys to understanding OPC UA technology and helps to set the technology in the industrial contexts in which it is implemented.

It presents the main concepts that are defined in the standard (IEC 62541) and whose understanding is crucial for a good mastery of the protocol and a reading of the specification.

The training is based on experiments with a network of raspberry pi and examples of implementation. A significant part of the training is devoted to security and its implementation in the protocol.


This training is aimed both at engineers wishing to acquire technical autonomy on the subject of OPC UA, as well as at managers who need to obtain a precise and global understanding of the subject.

  • Acquire all the technical concepts related to the OPC UA protocol
  • Understand security principles and their implementation
  • Be able to configure OPC UA servers and clients


Basic knowledge of networks and IT and standard protocols (IP, TCP, UDP).

2-day program

  • Introduction to OPC UA
  • Concepts
  • Presentation of the standard
  • Security implementation
  • Configuration
  • Feedback on implementation
  • Practical workshops

Our trainings are taught by instructors who have an expert understanding of OPC and embedded systems. We can tailor the training to your company requirements.

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OPC UA training

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