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Over the years, Systerel has built a wide collaboration with industrials to build and improve their systems. S2OPC is today a good replacement solution of actual OPC UA solutions for better performance, certification capabilities and embedded or big systems:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • PLC
  • (Supervision) Gateway (OPC UA to field equipments)
  • Servers

PLC systems and interface devices

Systerel has worked with Schneider-Electric Automation to bring up an optimized solution running S2OPC OPC UA server in their equipment’s.

Schneider-Electric is continuously benchmarking OPC UA stacks and solutions in order to provide the best solutions for their projects. S2OPC has been identified as a good candidate with very interesting performance figures.


SCADA system

S2OPC integration into CNES SCADA system for stratospheric balloons

  • CNES software binding with a specific interface
  • Integration into customized GUI
  • Packaging for deployment on industrial scale

Critical railway equipment

As part of the consideration of cyber security in railway supervision systems, Systerel has developed equipment based on S2OPC:

  • Complete autonomous realization of critical equipment (safety/security) from COTS Hardware to deployment
  • Security supported by S2OPC


OPC UA training

OPC UA Training

Systerel has trained teams from many famous companies such as CNES, RTE and Orange Business Services.

Acquisitions/understanding of the training:

  • Technical concepts related to the OPC UA protocol
  • Security principles and their implementation
  • Configuration of OPC UA servers and clients

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