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Over the years, Systerel has built robust partnerships with industrial clients, contributing to building and enhancing their systems.

Discover our OPC UA expertise through this series of case studies.

OPC UA communication interface for a chemical plant

Implementation of an OPC UA communication interface to bridge the internal data feedback system of a chemical plant with external systems.

  • Dynamic incorporation of variables into the OPC UA server aligning with Foclan’s specific requirements
  • Incorporation of an Ada 2005 – C (S2OPC) binding within a Windows environment

OPC UA for Eulynx

Participation in the support of the Eulynx standard by a railway equipment.

Providing an OPC UA server for maintenance functions (version update, feedback, etc.).

Implementation of several OPC UA features:

  • File transfer
  • ReverseConnect
  • Filtering on subscriptions in absolute value and percentage

Integration of OPC UA in the open-source multi-protocol platform: Fledge

Drafting of the specification of the OPC UA communication standard characteristics and of the data model required for the processing of remote controls and telemetry.

Module development:

  • data filtering
  • management of the OPC UA communication standard based on the S2OPC library

Integration tests with IEC 104 and IEC 61850 modules.


PAC systems and interface devices

For several years, Systerel has worked with Schneider Electric Automation to bring up an optimized solution running S2OPC OPC UA server in their equipment’s.

  • Integration of the PikeOS hypervisor and the S2OPC library
  • Implementation of OPC UA Safety on OPC UA PubSub

Preparation for IEC 61508 SIL3 certification.

Critical railway equipment

As part of the consideration of cyber security in railway supervision systems, Systerel has developed equipment based on S2OPC:

  • Complete autonomous realization of critical equipment (safety/security) from COTS Hardware to deployment
  • Security supported by S2OPC

SCADA system

S2OPC integration into CNES SCADA system for stratospheric balloons

  • CNES software binding with a specific interface
  • Integration into customized GUI
  • Packaging for deployment on industrial scale

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