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Safety & Security

The main objective of S2OPC is to address safety risk (accidental risk) and security risk (cyber risk)

Among the means to achieve this objective are the following:

  • Process applied to the development
  • Implemented methods
  • Certifications

Certifications confirm a first level of confidence in the security of the solution.

Security Certification

ANSSI is at the initiative of the project from which S2OPC was developed.
S2OPC obtained the Security Visa from ANSSI for its CSPN certification.


The solution is now deployed on safety-critical and compliant to EN50128 SIL2 network hardware.

ANSSI (French National Agency for Computer Security)

ANSSI is the national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS). To fulfil its missions, ANSSI deploys a broad range of regulatory and operational activities, from issuing regulations and verifying their application, to monitoring, alert and rapid response – particularly on government networks.

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