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OPC UA Key concepts

The training focuses specifically on the presentation of the major concepts defined in the standard (IEC 62541) which are necessary for a good knowledge of the protocol and a reading of the specification.

Its purpose is to give access to the trainees to the information allowing them to make the best decision regarding their OPC UA product.


This training highlights the key concepts to understand OPC UA technology and the industrial context in which the techno is deployed. The training is organized around three main objectives:

  • Acquire all the technical concepts related to the OPC UA protocol
  • Understand the requirements for security and their implementation


Basic knowledge of networks, computer science and standard protocols (IP, TCP, UDP).


Assessment questionnaires will be established at the beginning and end of the training to evaluate the acquired knowledge.

OPC UA training

1-day program

  • Introduction to OPC UA
  • Concepts
  • Presentation of the standard
  • Security
  • Functional safety
  • Feedback on the deployment
  • Overview of S2OPC

Our trainings are taught by instructors who have an expert understanding of OPC and embedded systems. We may also tailor the training to your company requirements.

Training can be done remotely.
Whether face-to-face or distance learning, you are guaranteed a high-quality, tailor-made training course with up to 5 hours of privileged access to our experts for any questions you may have as a result of the course (to be used within 20 days of the course).

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We offer professional services for all life cycle phases, from quick start service and training to long-term partnership in development and use of OPC and OPC UA based communication and control systems.

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