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OPC UA Implementation
with S2OPC

This training is a logical continuation to the training “OPC UA Key concepts” provided by Systerel. It starts with an in-depth exploration of the S2OPC higher level interface written in Python.

The training requires knowledge of the key OPC UA concepts, such as the address space nodes and references, the secure channel, the read and write services, the subscription service,…

It is a practical training, based on demo applications that the trainee will build with S2OPC.
A significant part of the training focuses on information security and its practical configuration within S2OPC.

Training can be done remotely.
Whether face-to-face or distance learning, you are guaranteed a high-quality, tailor-made training course with up to 5 hours of privileged access to our experts for any questions you may have as a result of the course (to be used within 20 days of the course).


  • Set up requirements for building S2OPC (docker or dependencies)
  • Understand the server and client APIs and libraries
  • Develop applications in Python and in C
  • Configure applications (security, address space,…)


  • Advanced OPC UA knowledge
  • Knowledge of the C programming language
  • Basic knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Basic knowledge of networks, computer science and standard protocols (IP, TCP, UDP)


Assessment questionnaires will be established at the beginning and end of the training to evaluate the acquired knowledge.

3-day program

  • S2OPC project presentation
  • S2OPC compilation
  • Hands on PyS2OPC Client/Server
  • Hands on the C Client/Server library
  • Security
  • Building an Address Space
  • Design your application based on S2OPC

Our trainings are taught by instructors who have an expert understanding of OPC and embedded systems. We can tailor the training to your company requirements.

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OPC UA training

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