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Free support (Blog)

As open-source solution, S2OPC is published by a GitLab on its dedicated web site. Systerel’s team provides and animates the associated blog and initial questions or requests are answered by this blog. For enhanced level requests or incidents, we propose our customers to sign a support contract.


Different support levels

Systerel support and maintenance model is depending on the customer’s configuration, and managed by a dedicated contract (starter, standard, security or long-term contract).

A configuration is defined by a hardware platform (CPU) associated with an operating system version.

The Systerel product engineering team will manage support and maintenance services.

This team has a real expertise of industrial embedded software environment. It is involved in the porting activity for several hardware and operating system platforms. It works closely with the Research and Development Department, in charge of S2OPC implementation projects.

To find out more about each level of support, please contact us.

Security support

This support is typically a specificity of the Systerel offer.

Because of the ability of S2OPC to be certified, Systerel supports its customers in their cyber-security watch. Whenever a security vulnerability in OPC UA is published, the customer receives a ticket with a description of the vulnerability, a severity level, a risk analysis and a fix or a workaround to deal with this vulnerability.

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