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Why opt for a support package?

A support package subscription is an important part of your infrastructure maintenance strategy. With the help of our experts, you can make your OPC UA deployment easier and faster while enforcing the highest level of security.



To seek support, open a ticket on GitLab. The S2OPC team will answer within a guaranteed time, matching your package level. For in-depth analysis, the team may also organize phone or video conferences.

Deployment Guide

Easy to follow guidelines and tips for streamlining your OPC UA development process, including:

  • How to build your own application
  • S2OPC internal architecture
  • How to customize S2OPC
  • How to start with OPC UA modeling
  • Use in a safety functional environment
  • Tips and troubleshooting


Maximize S2OPC’s cybersecurity capabilities with the Cyberkit, featuring essential elements:

Hardening Guide: address product configuration, compilation specific options, exported requirements on the application and environment.
Cybersecurity Watch: be notified of any security vulnerabilities in S2OPC or its dependencies, with timely fixes or workarounds.
Configuration Tool: use a Certificate Manager to deploy OPC UA certificates in a secure way. This tool comes with an interface to a default PKI and can be adapted to your own PKI.

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