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S2OPC is a software solution for client-server communications using OPC UA standard.

  • designed to target the safety, cyber-security and real-time constraints of embedded products
  • deployed on larger command-control or supervision systems

Multiplatform SDK, S2OPC is used in application scaling from IIoT modules to SCADA systems. It supports both Client/Server and PubSub.
S2OPC is also ready for integration with TSN networks.

The process applied to the development of S2OPC make this product compliant with a certification process at SIL2 level certification.

A comparative benchmark of the market’s OPC UA implementations places the Systerel product S2OPC at the top of the list of available products. You can contact us for more information about this benchmark.

Open source

S2OPC is available as an open-source license in accordance with Apache 2.0 license policy.

It can be downloaded from


Case Studies

Through a continuous collaboration with various industrial partners, Systerel is currently implementing S2OPC on several platforms, sometimes replacing legacy OPC UA stack by S2OPC for better performance.

Case Studies

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo is a trademark of the OPC Foundation and may be used only by written permission of the OPC Foundation. Any unauthorized use of the Certified for Compliance logo is prohibited. OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo indicates that this product has been tested by an independent certification lab and certified to be compliant with the following OPC UA Profiles which are part of the OPC UA Specifications:Nano Embedded Device Server, SecurityPolicy – Basic256, SecurityPolicy – Basic256Sha256, User Token-Anonymous Facet, User Token – User Name Password Server Facet

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