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What is OPC UA?

OPC UA? Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture

OPC UA is a standard overseeing interoperability and data exchange for industrial communications. It provides safe and secure means to connect supervision systems (SCADA), programmable logic controller (PLC), with actuators and field systems.

  • International standard (IEC 62541)
  • Open, independent from manufacturers, programming languages, and operating systems
  • Secure and reliable: secure communications on open networks
  • Interoperable, multi-platform, upgradeable
  • Model Based, Object Oriented technology
  • Pub/Sub communication model

OPC UA: the choice for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things

OPC UA is already a standard for Industry 4.0 and the market is growing even more with the cyber security requirements. All industries have very old an obsolete installations and they will have to look for improving the security of their installations in the very near future.

The German federal office for information security (BSI) evaluated OPC UA positively. In its architecture benchmark (RAMI 4.0), the German platform for Industry 4.0 made OPC UA mandatory for the “communication” layer.

In France, the OPC foundation works with the normalization group of the Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur to define its own reference model.

OPC UA expertise

Through several implementations of the OPC UA technology in an industrial context, Systerel developed a real expertise on the OPC UA standard.

  • Participation at the interoperability workshops of OPC Foundation
  • OPC UA validation and certification tests incorporated in the continuous integration process
  • Training

Safe and Secure OPC is today the only “safe & secure” OPC UA implementation on the market with EAL4 + and SIL2 certification capabilities.

Safe and Secure OPC


The OPC Foundation

The OPC foundation is an international organization which promotes and maintains the OPC standards. The foundation gathers more than 500 members, from automation system providers to end users.

As a member of the OPC foundation, Systerel is a active partner of the Foundation in France and Europe:

  • Participation in the development of the standard
  • Working Groups member and contributor

Systerel contributes to the diffusion of OPC UA technology and its emergence (exhibition, conferences, academic publications…)


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