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Enhancing OPC UA PubSub Efficiency


Conferences and fairs June 2024

S2OPC is always moving faster! 🚀 In addition to developing the 2024 official release, S2OPC is tackling ambitious challenges related to performance in use cases with strong resource constraints.

The S2OPC development team has worked hard to optimize and improve the application’s real-time behavior, aiming to reduce cycle time and jitter during PubSub exchanges.

Over the past few weeks, significant optimizations have been implemented in the S2OPC PubSub module, resulting in a remarkable 50% reduction in emission delay and a 30% reduction in reception processes.

We thank our partners for their trust and support, which allows this magnificent open source project to go further, and in particular Schneider Electric and Selectron Systems AG who contributed to this specific performance improvement.

Interested in S2OPC? Do not hesitate to contact us to be part of the journey!



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