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How to choose an OPC UA library?

How to choose an OPC UA library ?

Blog July 2024

OPC UA is a key element in the digitalization of production processes and a cornerstone of Industry 4.0. As more companies adopt this technology, selecting the right OPC UA library becomes a crucial, long-term decision.

Here are some important criteria to consider when choosing an OPC UA library:

OPC UA certification: it is highly advisable that you opt for a library certified by the OPC UA Foundation. This certification is the only guarantee of interoperability with other libraries and therefore your ability to communicate with external systems.

Technical environment compatibility: consider your target environment, this will induce constraints that must be matched with the chosen solution. Programming language or architecture are parameters which will have a strong impact on the technical characteristics of the deployed solution (available functionalities, necessary memory space, cycle time).

Cybersecurity: even if its implementation is gradual in the industrial world, the upcoming Cyber ​​Resilience Act will soon come into force and impose a European framework that will accelerate the deployment of OPC UA. Prioritize libraries that embrace advanced security protocols and ideally possess relevant certifications to safeguard against evolving threats.

Licensing model: there are paid and open-source ones, depending on your policy in this area. Whatever choice you make, make sure you have access to qualified support if necessary so as not to assume the costs of maintenance and maintaining cybersecurity conditions alone and internally. Consider whether a paid or open-source library aligns better with your organizational policy. Regardless of your choice, it’s crucial to ensure access to qualified support for managing maintenance and upholding cybersecurity standards, thereby mitigating potential internal overheads.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose an OPC UA library that meets your needs and supports your digitalization goals.



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