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Research and Development project INGOPCS

History March 2021

Cyber-attacks can have deep consequences, especially when they target essential operators in the sectors of energy, transportation, watersupply, etc.

The S2OPC OPC UA Client/server Toolkit is the result of the ResearchAndDevelopment project INGOPCS (2016-2018), with the support of ANSSI and DCNS and is supported by Systematic and Minalogic centers of innovation, with goals to:

  • Develop an opensource and secure implementation of the OPCUA protocol (IEC62541),
  • Demonstrate compliance of the OPC UA standard with the security requirements of sensitive industrialcontrolsystems .
  • Demonstrate that the developed software stack can be integrated in the partners’ future solutions,

The consortium included

  • ARC Informatique
  • Atos Worldgrid
  • CEA List
  • EDF
  • Eolane
  • Schneider Electric Automation
  • Systerel (leader)
  • Telecom ParisTech
  • TrustInSoft.

Beyond the bare stack, the outcome of the project therefore is a new industrial cluster of products and services addressing the market needs in cybersecurity.

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