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New cryptographic library

Features January 2024

S2OPC relies on MbedTLS library for cryptographic primitives. Open-source, easily configurable and with a limited footprint, it is definitely a good choice.

Nevertheless, the S2OPC team believes in offering users a variety of alternatives to cater to their specific needs. For this purpose, we are pleased to announce that CycloneCRYPTO is now available on the S2OPC master branch (see associated MR).

CycloneCrypto, developed by Oryx-Embedded, is specifically designed for embedded systems: it offers optimized performance and limited footprint.

The collaboration of Systerel and Oryx-Embedded, both part of STMicroelectronics ecosystem, allows us to offer reinforced cybersecurity features to our end customers.

Note that due to S2OPC architecture and its abstraction layer, it is possible for users to switch to a specific cryptographic library that matches their constraints with a limited time to market.

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