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S2OPC 2024 roadmap is now available!

Roadmap S2OPC 2024

Features February 2024

We are pleased to present the 2024 roadmap for S2OPC! This new roadmap outlines upcoming developments aimed at improving cybersecurity, introducing new functionalities and deploying our cyberkit.

In addition to being open-source, S2OPC is deeply committed to a participatory approach and relies heavily on its community for the definition and financing of its future developments. This roadmap is therefore likely to evolve and we encourage you to contact us if a feature interests you.

Q1: Certificate Manager

In OPC UA, certificate management is a key feature for ensuring secure communication between clients and servers. Defined in Part 12 of the specification, a certificate manager allows a secure renewal of security configuration (Key and Certificate renewal, Trust List and Certificate Revocation List update). Our solution, included into S2OPC Gold maintenance package, is based on:

  • OPC UA Server exposing Push Server functionality
  • OT PKI (EJBCA from Keyfactor)

Q2: Events managements

OPC UA event functionality allows OPC UA servers to inform clients about important occurrences or changes within the system in real-time. These events can range from process deviations and equipment malfunctions to system alarms and notifications. While some well-known events are defined in the specification, users may also define their own custom events, for example for security audit.

Q4: Role management

OPC UA role management functionality plays a critical role in ensuring the security, integrity, and compliance of industrial automation systems. By controlling access to resources and enforcing security policies based on user roles and permissions, this functionality simplifies and enhances access rights management.

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